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Kathy A
in office every time I have seen Erin, she has done a wonderful job
Diana L
90 Min Massage Review of In Office Great experience with Erin. Very professional and great results. I would highly recommend True Balance & Erin!!
Relief! Erin is a problem solver, and reduced my pain level to almost nothing after only 1 visit. I highly recommend her!
Jan C
Vital Resource True Balance NW has been helping me for several years with deep tissue massage. The body work has kept me in better health to take care of my job and daily life. Erin does wonderful work and is a professional at all levels of massage therapy.
Ben M
Improved athletic performance Since I've started seeing Erin for muscle pain, I've been able to perform better in my athletic endeavors - I can run longer, have less back and hip pain, I can bend over and crawl with ease, and I sleep better. Erin really listens to what you want to get out of the massage and she focuses on what you want.
Devrie Thompson
Amazing massage and educational! Had an amazing massage today with Erin! She not only worked out knots to help me with my migraines I got from a car accident, but we spent a chunk of time with her educating me on muscles and how they work and my body! I love that she teaches you about your body while also massaging and making you better! Everyone should go and see her and get a massage from her!
Christina C
Awesome! Informative, therapeutic and just amazing work! Thank you for your flexability in getting me in to help with my back pain. It did wonders!!
Leslie V
Excellent! Erin always does a thorough job with my daughter. Not only does she feel better after working with Erin, but she learns ways to take better care of herself
Kimberly R
Excellent work!! Erin is amazing at what she does! She works on my entire family and they absolutely love her work. I highly recommend her 😊
Michele E
Great Massage! Thanks so much Erin, for the great massage. Brad and I felt awesome after our first one, and my second one at our home was perfect!! We have referred you to a few friends already!! See you soon!
Camille C
Still benefitting weeks after! The massage was great - deep and therapeutic without being painful. Erin also taught me how to shift my posture in a way that would reduce leg and back pain. Highly recommended!
Paul L
Best Massage Arm
Rachael K
Truly Amazing! What a treat to schedule a massage and leave feeling treated! A true artist, Erin is experienced and professional. I have and will continue to recommend Erin to my friends and family.
Ben M
Working the right things True Balance really pays attention to my needs. I have been to too many massage therapists who want to go over my whole body even though I've specifically stated I'm having a specific problem. Erin really focuses on the problem during the session and then gives me notes on what to work on at home after the massage is over.
Jason S
Perfect Balance Best massage I have had in years
Mark S
Dig Deep into Relaxation ! I'm a big guy and train hard, Erin was exactly what I needed to get me back to a normal state. I was so tight after my CF workouts and she was able to get down deep in the muscle!
Rudy E
Massage Great work on my shoulder and neck. My wife also loves your service. Thank you
Bryen B
Amazing therapist! True balance Northwest is a fantastic place for an amazing massage. I highly recommend Erin and her staff, truly one of the best in Portland!!
Ben M
Customized to your needs I've been to at least 10 different massage therapists. Erin is the only one who listens to my specific issues and focuses on the specific problem I ask her to focus on. With other massage therapists, the problem I have most often is explaining a specific problem that I have and the therapist focuses on that part of the body for about 10 minutes and then spends the rest of the time giving a little attention to all the parts of my body. While I appreciate the sentiment, I usually just want my specific issue (such as a shoulder injury/flexibility) to get better. I also want to avoid it from happening again. Erin really listens and focuses on what I want. She will work one joint or muscle group for an hour if that is what I ask. And she will give me stretches and strengthening exercises to do when I'm done getting a massage. I have had great results from her, helping me recover from injuries or improve my performance in running, weightlifting, Crossfit and even sleeping better. On top of her great skills, she also has a very flexible schedule and does home visits as well. I highly recommend True Balance for all of your massage needs!
Christina L
Excellent massage therapist Erin is an incredibly good massage therapist with incredible knowledge about the human body and how it functions. She is tremendously passionate about her craft, and she will work magic on your muscles. She knows what athletes put their bodies through and how to help them feel and function better. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.
Gift of healing through massage Erin has several qualities that make her a great massage therapist. Erin loves her work; she’s passionate about healing people and relieving their pain. She listens to get an understanding of the root cause of symptoms and is able to apply her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to help alleviate and eliminate pain. Erin has strong but gentle hands, a sense of empathy, and is committed to improving her clients’ well-being.